About us

To some, a burger is just a slab of meat on a bun, but to us…it’s a work of art. A great burger is simple yet sublime – the delicate tastes melding into, yet never overpowering, one another. We are what you might call “Burger Connoisseurs”.

And because of our deeply held burger beliefs, we here at Graham’s Grill are 100% committed to bringing you the best burger with the freshest toppings you have ever tasted any time, every time.



For the patties, we keep it simple, because that’s the key to serving delicious, mouth-watering burgers. That’s why we insist on the exact amount of seasoning: just enough to emphasize the naturally beefy taste of fresh, cooked meat. All of the meat served coming from 100% grass fed, hormone free beef.

Our Buns a baked fresh daily…..light and pillowy on the inside with a delicate yet crispy texture on the outside. It’s the perfect bread choice and it will go beautifully with any of our other burgers.

Let’s not forget the cheese. We use only fresh Canadian cheddar.

For the finishing touches, we serve only farm-fresh toppings, featuring sweet grilled onions, red ripe tomato, leafy green lettuce, and crunchy pickles. Refer to our Menu for our current burger selection.  To top it off, we add a dollop of mayonnaise and a smear of yellow mustard.



Not to be outdone, add one of our amazing sides, like our yummy fries.